Flexibility, Transparency and Compassion

With a meticulous focus on driving successful hires, we’re a new type of partner and a new type of recruiting system. Our systematic, process driven approach to recruitment ensures engagement with the right talent and a superior candidate experience

Sectoral Expertise

Our extensive experience allows us to collaborate with organisations of all sizes, including some benchmarks & industry leaders across markets.

Evidence Based Recruitment

Our approach, is focused on irrefutable facts and data, enabling organization to thrive in the new era of talent acquisition.

Global Presence

We're working across continents. And as we work together, we value local cultures and the way things are done.

Work Ethics

It's the essence of our conviction, we follow high standards of work ethics, unconditionally.


6 offices across 4 continents

Our offices in London, California, Dubai, Auckland, New Delhi & Gurgaon are independent units lead by our regional directors, supported by highly talented back-office team in India.


The impact of COVID-19 outbreak on business across sector

A qualitative research with useful insights on the impacts, re-engineering & handling business
across sectors, functions, business operating locations & organisation size.


32 of fortune 100 companies

Our client base extends from BFSI to IT & Manufacturing to Oil & Gas sectors.