Product Development

We at Vrinda Techno Resources has gathered a Young Team of Enthusiastic Individuals with Innovative and Research Oriented Blend of mind to Understand and Source Highly quality research based and Product Development profiles.

We have developed expertise in hiring for product development companies in the domains of Enterprise Products, Networks & Storage, E-Commerce /Web based , Niche Startups ,Investment Banking/BFSI, Research & Development

We have hired for the following profiles

Research Scientists/Computer Scientists, Engineering Managers ,Software Architects, Sr./Principle Engineers (PSE), Program Manager, Lead Program Manager, Development Manager, Development Lead, Product Evangelist, Staff Engineer, Architect, Sr. Architect, Software Development Engineer (SDE), SDET, Member of Technical Staff (MTS)/(SMTS),Staff Engineers.

For the Following Skill Set /Technologies /Paradigms

Object Oriented Methodologies (OOPS), OOA/OOD, Data Structures, Creating Algorithms, Distributed Computing, System Architecture, Scalable Systems, Multithreading ,Web Services, Distributed Real time Systems, Distributed Databases, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Design Patterns, CoreJava, Multi Threaded Programming, System Programming, Apache Hadoop, Multi threaded Design, Clustering, Creating Scalable Systems, Large Scale Systems, Big Data, High Availability, MapReduce, Data Center Architecture, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Machine Learning, Information Retrievals, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Pattern Recognition, Text Mining, Large Scale Distributed Systems, OS Internals, File Systems, Linux Kernels, Linux System Programming /Unix Programming, Platform Engineering, Socket Programming, Asynchronous Programming ,Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Problem Solving, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Artificial Neural Networks, Information Retrieval), Embedded Products.

And Profiles with Good Expertise in creating Innovative and High quality

Platforms, Tools, Proprietary Frameworks, Development Engines, Components, Features/Enhancements, Backends/Server sides