Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has Evolve as the Need of the Organizations These Days.

Due to a Surge in Recruitment Companies and an Inefficient System of End to Recruitment Result in the High Cost of Per Hire, The Need for a System or an Arrangement Where a Vendor Capable of Delivering End to End Recruitment Solutions to the Client is Chosen to Manage the Whole Talent Acquisition of a Particular Vertical or Department or the Whole Organization.

Vrinda RPO Team Expert in Managing Project Hiring & Dedicatedly Working just for the Fulfilment of Client Mandate Works as an Extended Team of HR to Fulfil the Given Mandate Within the Stipulated time offsite or at Client Site.

Vrinda Specialized RPO services are customized to meet ever-changing recruitment and hiring needs with consistently improving the quality of talent as well as service levels to recruiting managers and candidates, while reducing cost & delivery time substantially And are designed to effectively handle the entire recruitment process of our clients focusing on speed of delivery, quality of talent & accountability. We are well equipped with talented consultants having varied industry knowledge & expertise to execute complete recruitment assignments of the clients. Our services includes -:sourcing; screening; testing; interviewing; background checks; coordinating offer letters; on-boarding and handholding for successful integration of the candidate in an organization.

Project Hiring

Vrinda provides specialized project based hiring solutions which are designed to meet the “just- in-time” hiring needs of the clients. Outsourcing project based hiring assignments proves effective in situations, like opening of a new branch, temporary or contract based hiring, seasonal hiring, sudden recruitment challenges etc. Vrinda is one of the top recruitment services firm, equipped with talented resources, unmatched industry experience & a dedicated team for managing your project specific hiring needs. We are an extensive process oriented company which helps us to deliver quality services in shortest time frame.


Vrinda strongly believes in the maxim “What cannot be measured cannot be improved,” and bases its service offerings with a strong backbone of analytics. Advanced Recruitment analytics help track macro to micro- from manpower plans to efficacy of various sourcing methods, to conversion efficiency across all the hiring funnel stages. Measuring resume movement for different positions aids client organization HR management in superior decision making and planning for future cycles.