Process & Methodology

With Strict Adherence to Process Quality and Commitment to Clients Services, Vrinda is Pioneer in Many Recruitment Delivery Models and Methodologies for Sourcing.

A Generic Assignment at Vrinda Will follow the Following Process

Vrinda Does not work as Merely a Vendor Rather as an Extended Team of HR , Wherein the Core Hiring Team of a Client can Focus on Value Proposition Provided with an Extensive Support from Vrinda Dedicated Team (Illustrated by the Below Model)

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Sourcing Techniques

Internal Database

The Advantage of a Huge Talented Team working 24/7 for Finding People , The Advantage of Globally Linked Professionals & Depth of Industry Knowledge & Networks , The Advantage of Dedicatedly Serving So many Clients Effectively Culminates into a Huge Database of Refined & Unique Profiles rarely found Else ware & Structures Sophisticatedly in High Tech Servers to be Delivered to Clients Instantly.

Job Portals

Job Portals (Subscriptive & Free) are not the Exhaustive but a Primary Source of Reaching out to the Potential Pool, Although Only About 18-20 % of the Total Available Talent Pool is on Job Portals ,it is a Good Starting point to Reach to the Circle of Target Pool.

Bu the Real Differentiator is the Art & Science of Searching & Exhausting the Job Portals Effectively ,Where the Vrinda Expertise of Highly Trained & AIRS Internet Searching Experts comes in who can extract profiles from anywhere in the Web Using the Following Sophisticated Techniques.

Boolean Searches

AND , OR , NOT , NEAR , ( ) Parentheses, * Wild Card *, URL Search, Page Title Search , Exact Phrase (“ “)

A typical Search String for a Search Engine Would be

(inurl:cv | inurl:resume | inurl:vitae | intitle:cv | intitle:resume | intitle:vitae) ("technical trainer" | "instructional designer" | "learning specialist") (filetype:pdf |filetype:rtf | filetype:txt | filetype:doc | filetype:ps) (NY | NJ | CT | "new york" |"new jersey" | connecticut)

And Searching Methods Such as

X-Raying, Flipping, Peeling Back, Blog Directories, Industry Specific Sites/Groups, Networking Sites (Linkedin,Facebook,Twitter)

Social networks & Referencing

With Everyone These Days Aware of the Potential Social Networks Present s for Sourcing High Quality ,Talneted and Passive Job Seekers , Social Mobility Recruiters at Vrinda Who are Experts in their Own Domain Know the Most Innovative Means to Reach out and Brand the Client Positions to Prospective Candidates & Discuss to Explore the Possibility of Bringing High Quality Talent for Client Companies Rarely Available on any other Medium. Some of the Networks Vrinda Experts Typically use are

Though Everyone Knows the Value of Connecting on Linkedin, a few are Experts in Actually Reaching out to Candidates & Materialising Prospecting a talented candidate, Through a Combination of Offline and Online Methods Complimented by Strong Internet Searching Skills.

Vrinda Social Recruiters having Millions of Connections moreover know the Methods to Reach out and Actually “Connect” With Candidates Which Involves more than just finding the Profile

Although Called Mother of all Social networks ,the True Potential of Facebook cannot be harnessed until a recruiter Knows Exactly how to Extract Professional Details from a personal Social Profile not having much information expected in a CV,

Vrinda Social Recruiters Knows Exactly how to Create a Workable CV from millions of Profiles and Reach out to Thousands of Potential Profiles Through a Mesh of Interconnected People.