Executive Search

Executive search is a systematic methodology to identify and select qualified C-level executives or senior professionals. The Consultants in this team, partner with our clients and specialize in identifying and placing superior candidates at the highest levels. The combined use of investigative market research, focused networking, and the seniority of the relevant search consultant who combine business acumen with experience, enable us in offering world class executive search services. We have successfully closed senior level searches for CEOs, CFOs and VPs for various IT, Telecom, FMCG, Services, Retail and start up companies across India.

Consultative Approach:

We believe that corporate leadership and governance are key factors of corporate strategy and hence have always striven hard to partner our clients as a strategic adviser by providing judgment, market intelligence, and acumen.

We go into the in-depth analysis of the executive's document accomplishments, management style, leadership philosophy and personal and professional ambitions, before finally selecting a right candidate. We work in close co-ordination with our clients throughout the executive search process. We also conduct client satisfaction surveys by taking feedbacks from our clients to evaluate our performance and results. As soon as we get an assignment, we assign a separate team for that, so as to ensure the highest level of service to our clients. Our team members are chosen for their industry expertise, geographic reach, and prior work experience.


Keeping an executive search confidential while still contacting the numbers of sources and potential candidates to prosecute the search fully presents a special challenge to executive recruiters and their clients. The usual situation is the replacement of an incumbent in a key role, when there is a desire to not have the chair empty, or at least not for long.

A confidential search requires a recruiter’s best executive selling skills, because the company story he (she) tells must be compelling enough to engage the curiosity and interest of a candidate, without disclosing the identity of the client. Consultants @Vrinda Are Fully Aware of the Sensitivity of the Confidentiality in Executive Search and Maintain the Utmost while performing a Search.

Psychometric Analysis:

Using Comprehensive Vrinda Psycho-Analytics Tools, Consultants @Vrinda Gauge the Management Style, Future Perception, Attitude & Compatibility of the Prospective Candidates for a Particular Position. As these Behavioural Aspects can Sometime makes the Real Difference in the Performance of an Organization and the decisions of Top Level Executives Affect the Direction of the Company.